I got a question for you…

If someone that doesn’t know you hangs out with you a day,
Based on what they see and hear, what will they say?
Would they say, “They really love the Lord. He shines in their face.”
Or”Man, they beat me up talking all that Bible stuff, today was a waste.”
Or will they say, “They were just like me, cursing and wild.”
Or “They are a good person with an attitude compliant and mild.”

You see your life should reflect the glory of the Lord.
That doesn’t mean you should be religiously overboard.
People should see a difference between themselves and a child of the King.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up when you see others doing the wrong things.

You are a child of God that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.
It means you will take Jesus with you where ever you go and be a loving light.
What the world does isn’t fun or cool, even if it is the norm.
Fun can be had as a Christian, just in a different form.

BY: Lorraine Hobbs Williams